Internet-Ready Breadheater TM

In the Lab

At Consolidated Breadheaters, International, we know better than anyone not to raise the plunger before the toast is done.  But, even so, we thought we'd give you a look behind the scenes at some of the new innovations that will be popping up sometime soon.


Wired Breadbox

The Wired Breadbox

What good is an online toaster without remote access to the pre-toast supply line?   Soon you'll be able to get live status reports on your bread reserves.  The Wired Breadbox is compatible with all the standard bread types (white, wheat, sourdough and rye, to name a few) and firmware upgradeable to support more exotic carbohydrates.   Stay tuned, we hope to have 'Pickle-Loaf' ready by launch.


The Internet-Ready Breadheater TM
Mark II

We're afraid we can't offer you too much just yet on the new Mark II Internet-Ready Breadheater TM, but the lab boys say an onboard MP3 player and streaming Internet Radio are just a few of the new features on this l33t t04st1ng screamer!

s3cr3t Mark II


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